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Yoobi LOVES Your Art & Thank You Notes!

Posted by Yoobi Social on

Every week we get the coolest artwork, stories, thoughtful messages and letters in our inbox directly from the students who have received donated Yoobi school supplies.

Your messages, thank you notes, and artworks inspire us and power us forward to ensure that one day ALL KIDS have access to school supplies in order to learn and be creative. 

Please send us your thank you notes!

Are you a teacher whose class received a Yoobi Classroom Pack?

We’d love to hear from you and your students! Take a peek below at some of the thank you cards we’ve received for inspiration. 

Are you a student?

Send us some cool Yoobi art and tell us all about your dreams. We want to know - #WhoWillYoobi when you grow up? Tell us or draw us a picture of how you want to change the world!


Send your thank you notes, letters or drawings to this address:

Yoobi Headquarters

Attn: YoobiArt

2210 E. Maple Avenue

El Segundo, CA 90245


We can’t wait to hear from you!

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  • Dear,yoobi thankyou. Thank you ?. Now I finally live live up to my Potential. Thanks to your help. Now I can get the right education I deserve. Thank you for everything yoobi it was like opening a present and I was so so excited.???????

    Paris on

  • Dear YOoBi,thank you for being so generous for thinking about John Winthrop and thank you for the great supplies and the best way about it is that you are able to give us the opportunity for a good year ??????

    Zayne D. Murphy on

  • Thank I was so excited to open the pencil case

    Donnai on

  • Thank you for the supplies that you guys gave us i loved the things that were inside the pencil box and loved the color of the pencil box it’s my favorite color it was amazing thanks again for the pencil box .?

    Marcela Chavarria - Martinez on

  • Thank you so so much for those pencil box that you sent to us at john Winthrop school and all the students to kindergarten to 8th grade and thank you for the stuff you give to us and I hope all the students in kindergarten to 8th grade will be thanks to have those pencil boxes and all the hard work you did I hope you have a great great day and that student will love these pencil boxes I hope you have a great day have a nice day :)

    Kevin on

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