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Yoobi LOVES Your Art & Thank You Notes!

Posted by Yoobi Social on

Every week we get the coolest artwork, stories, thoughtful messages and letters in our inbox directly from the students who have received donated Yoobi school supplies.

Your messages, thank you notes, and artworks inspire us and power us forward to ensure that one day ALL KIDS have access to school supplies in order to learn and be creative. 

Please send us your thank you notes!

Are you a teacher whose class received a Yoobi Classroom Pack?

We’d love to hear from you and your students! Take a peek below at some of the thank you cards we’ve received for inspiration. 

Are you a student?

Send us some cool Yoobi art and tell us all about your dreams. We want to know - #WhoWillYoobi when you grow up? Tell us or draw us a picture of how you want to change the world!


Send your thank you notes, letters or drawings to this address:

Yoobi Headquarters

Attn: YoobiArt

2210 E. Maple Avenue

El Segundo, CA 90245


We can’t wait to hear from you!

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  • Thank you so much for the pencil cases me and my class mates love are new pencil cases they are cool?. My teacher love are new pencil cases. ?From: Tutku

    Tutku on

  • Thank you so much Yoobi for the cool pencil cases I’m so great ful for it and you mean so much to me I love everything that you make I bye your folders the last so long you are my favorite school supplies company ever again thank you so much
    Love Haliz shukri

    Haliz Shukri on

  • Thank you??? For our gifts i hope to meet you some day

    Lovely on

  • Thank you for the pencil cases my class loves it even my teacher likes it.

    From Ezenia ??

    Ezenia on

  • Thank you because when doing work I didn’t have a pencil and colors for work

    Jimmy on

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