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Will YOOBI my Valentine?

Posted by Alyssa Adame on

14 ridiculously perfect puns to get you in the Valentines Day spirit. How to pop the question... "Will YOOBI mine?"

1) "I like how you roll" stamp rollers ($4.99/ea)

2) "You tote-ally rock my world!" tote bag ($7.99)


3) "You got me all shook up!" glitter shakers ($11.24)

4) "For crayon out loud! I love you!" crayons ($3.99) 


5) "Let's stick together" glue sticks ($2.99)

6) "I have my eyes on you" character sticker set ($1.99)

7) "I'm wild about you" animal elastic bands ($2.99)

8) "You're my main squeeze!" glue bottle ($1.99) 

9) "You're the highlight of my life!" mini highlighters ($4.99) 

10) "Your love is stuPENdous" glitter gel pens ($9.99)

11) "You Rule!" cubed ruler ($2.99)

12) "Our friendship ties us together" heart rubber bands ($2.99)

13) "Donut you know? I like you a hole lot!" tape dispenser ($5.99)

14) "I think you are just write!" retractable pen ($3.49)


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  • My heART belongs to you.

    Stephanie on

  • So lovely worth rd dying for, each item is good

    Humaira on

  • ‘’Your the highlight of my day’’

    vicky on

  • ‘’You color my life’’

    vicky on

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