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How to Get A Yoobi Classroom Pack

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We wanted teachers, schools and administrators to understand exactly HOW they can receive a Yoobi Classroom Pack – so we outlined it in TWO STEPS.

yoobi classroom pack

STEP 1: Make sure your classroom qualifies for a classroom pack.

Yoobi supports elementary grade classrooms where at least 70% of the student population is enrolled in the federal free or reduced lunch program. If your classroom is not at an elementary school, or doesn’t quite qualify under the 70% rule – know that this is just the beginning for Yoobi. We hope to reach more classrooms and more grades each year, so please sign up for our teacher email list to get updates on when we will expand our give!

STEP 2: Contact your local Kids in Need Foundation Resource Center

Yoobi donates Classroom Packs through the Kids In Need Foundation’s (KINF) network of Teacher Resource Centers. To receive a Yoobi Classroom Pack, teachers/principals must contact their local KINF resource center. To find your closest KINF resource center, go to

 If your local resource center is currently out of Classroom Packs, they WILL receive more in the future (because every time a Yoobi item is purchased, a Yoobi item is donated to the KINF network) so keep checking back with your local resource center. If there is no resource center close to you, remember that this is just the beginning for Yoobi! KINF is constantly working to identify new resource centers to reach more classrooms around the country.

Receive a Classroom Pack!

That’s IT! Follow those two steps and YOU can receive a Yoobi Classroom Pack for your classroom. If you have any more questions about our give, visit or shoot us an email at and we’d be happy to answer any questions you might have!

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  • Hello! I think your products are amazing. Our school is a title one school and your Yoobi pack would benefit all of my students!! Thank you for all you do for children.
    A classroom box would be much appreciated and used!!!!

    christine purcell on

  • My child came home with a classroom pack today. It’s really a cool thing to receive. Everything is in this little pack

    Priscilla on

  • My daughter received a Yoobi pouch filled with all kinds of supplies. She was so thrilled! Just wanted to stop by and say Thank you!
    Thankful mom in Las Vegas, NV

    Micaela M. on

  • Hello, my school is need of school supplies. We are a Title 1 school with eager learners.

    Angela King on

  • Hello!
    I work for a large school district in Central Illinois that is predominately Title 1 across all 27 buildings. We continually seek support from community partnerships and agencies to support the learning in our classrooms. ANY support to bring classroom supplies to our students would be beneficial and greatly appreciated.

    Lisa A Gifford on

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