High School Bundle - Aqua

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Football games, homecoming, prom - oh my! High school is the ultimate mix of social and scholastic growth, so what better way to kick off any high school year than stocking up on everything you'll need in style? From index cards for SAT prep to highlighters for those intense study sessions, look no further than Yoobi's high school bundle in aqua. You buy, Yoobi gives - For every Yoobi item you purchase, a Yoobi item will be donated to a classroom in need, right here in the U.S., and with the purchase of this bundle, we're donating 13 items! It's that simple.

Product Details

  • Binder, 1 in. PVC w/ D-Rings - Aqua Chevron Paper Insert
  • Divider, 8 tab Embossed - Multicolor
  • Folder, Poly with Prongs Embossed - Aqua Toucan
  • Notebook, 1 Subject Spiral Poly Cover, College Ruled - Aqua
  • Notebook, 1 Subject Spiral Poly Cover, College Ruled - Aqua Cheveron
  • Pen, Triangle Retractable Ballpoint Blk Ink, 3pk - Aqua
  • Clickable Multi-Ink Jumbo Pen - Clear
  • Lanyard - Aqua Chevron
  • Index Cards in Box - Purple
  • Binder Zip Case - Aqua Chevron
  • Eraser, White Stripe Jumbo - Aqua
  • 3pk Retractable Highlighter Pens
  • Mini Supply Kit - Aqua

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