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Fun Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs with Yoobi!

Decorating Easter Eggs is always a blast, and this year we wanted to uphold the tradition by using some of our Yoobi faves!


Just hard boil eggs the night before allowing them time to chill before you decorate. You can still use traditional egg dye, but we suggest adding a bit more water to the solution and dip the eggs using disposable spoons (we chose Cheeky spoons, our favorite) to avoid stained fingers.


The Yoobi Stencil & Sticker Set and Yoobi Paint Kit helped us to create vibrant eggs with or without dye! Add some bright pink lips and sunglasses to your egg for some spunky personality. Or avoid dye all together by painting on a fun design or message using a Yoobi Paint Kit! With this washable dye substitute, we were able to achieve awesome detailed designs without the dyed finger aftermath.




We had a blast using these Yoobi goodies, and hope you do too!


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