Ask Yoobi

Ask Yoobi


How do you pronounce Yoobi and where does the name come from?
Yoobi is pronounced 'YOU-BE'. Our Co-Founder, Ido Leffler, was thinking of a way to get people excited about what we were about to embark on, and kept going back to the notion of inspiring people to be whoever they want to be…You be the difference. You be great. You be awesome! You be YOU. YOOBI! What better name for a cute, nation-changing toucan?
Why the toucan?
Isn’t he cute and friendly? We introduced a number of characters to our market research board—i.e., a bunch of awesome kids we know. They loved the toucan the most, and how could they not? Thus, Yoobi was born.

Where can I buy Yoobi products?
Yoobi products are currently available at Target, Amazon, Kohls, Rite Aid, Urban Outfitters, and

What are Yoobi business hours?
Our Yoobi team members are available to help via phone Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM PST, except holidays. Otherwise, feel free to email us at and a Yoobi team member will be sure to get back to you within 2 business days!

We received a Yoobi Classroom Pack and would like to send our thanks. Where can we mail thank you letters?
We love hearing from students and teachers that we’ve impacted! Please send your letters to: Yoobi HQ 215 Arena Street El Segundo, CA 90245


How can I check the status of my order?
You can easily check the status of your order by emailing us at or giving us a ring at (310) 560-0774. Be sure to have your order number handy!

Why can’t I add an item to my bag?
This occasionally happens when an item is out of stock. Please e-mail with the name of the item you are trying to add to your bag so we can double check our inventory availability.

Can I cancel or make any changes to my order?
When you place your order, we pack it up as soon as we can! Because of this, we aren’t able to cancel or make any changes to orders once they are placed.

Are there situations in which Yoobi may suspend or even cancel fulfillment of an order?
Yes, Yoobi reserves the right to suspend or cancel fulfillment of a particular order for any reason, such as suspected unauthorized distribution. Of course, no payments will be retained for cancelled orders.


What forms of payment do you accept?
STANDARD ORDERS: For all orders placed online at, we proudly accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Afterpay, PayPal, and Amazon Pay only.

How does Afterpay work?
Afterpay allows you split your purchase payment into 4 equal payments for orders $35 and up. For more information on Afterpay please CLICK HERE.

Do you offer free shipping?
Totally! We offer free standard shipping on all orders $35 and up (pre-tax). For our full shipping policy please CLICK HERE.

Can I return my order?
If any Yoobi product doesn't make you happy, we promise to make it right. If you aren’t 100% happy with your Yoobi item, we’ll be happy to accept it in its original condition and packaging within 30 days of receipt. For our full return policy please CLICK HERE.



How many colors do you currently offer?
We love color. (Could you tell?) Currently we offer eight colors — pink, purple, blue, green, aqua, coral, black and white.

What happens if I receive a faulty item?
We promise to make awesome products and quality control is our top priority when we work with our factories. If you receive a faulty or damaged item, please email us at or giving us a ring at (310) 560-0774. We'd be more than happy to ship you a replacement. 

Where can I submit product ideas and suggestions?
Want to see a new color or fun item in the Yoobi assortment? We are always exploring opportunities to create new products and would be happy to hear from you! Please e-mail your ideas and suggestions to and we’ll gladly pass them off to our product pros.  

Is your packaging FSC Certified and/or PVC Free?
We share in your concerns for the world around us. For this reason, starting in 2021, we're updating our paper and plastic packaging to be Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and PVC-Free, so it’s recyclable and better for the environment. Our FSC certification means that our packaging meets standards set by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and that our packaging comes from well-managed forests, responsible sources and/or recycled materials.


Who should I contact if I’d like to partner with Yoobi?
Yoobi LOVES making friends! If you envision your brand, blog or big brother partnering with Yoobi, send us an email to and we’ll be sure to connect you the right department!


What does the slogan 'One for You, One for Me' mean?
It means that for every qualifying Yoobi item you purchase, one Yoobi item is contributed as part of a Yoobi Classroom Pack,through the Kids in Need Foundation, to a classroom in need right here in the U.S. Donated items may include pencils, glue sticks, erasers, rulers, folders, crayons, colored pencils or other items. “One for you, one for me” is what kids say on the playground and at snack time. It’s how they learn to share, and play fair. Now they can make those choices as consumers, picking out some practical Yoobi goodies with you by their side.

Which grades does Yoobi support?
Currently Yoobi proudly supports elementary grade classrooms. We believe that creating equal access to school supplies at an early stage has the greatest multiplying effect on the chances of a child succeeding down the road. (There’s lots of good research supporting this idea.)

How are Yoobi donated items distributed?
Yoobi donates essential items to schools in need across the U.S. in the form of Classroom Packs. A Yoobi Classroom Pack contains the most fundamental tools needed for learning and creativity. We deliver Yoobi Classroom Packs directly to Kids In Need Foundation for direct distribution to classrooms in need.

Are the items donated different than the ones you sell?
No matter what Yoobi product you buy, your purchase will support the addition of one of the 12 items into the Yoobi Classroom Pack. The actual item donated is based on classroom need and may be of equal or lesser value than the item purchased. That way we can give kids the best balance of supplies. (It wouldn’t make sense to give a kid three staplers and no crayons, just because that’s what you bought, would it?) Our Yoobi Classroom Pack items use a different Yoobi blue and green to prevent in-store returns. That way we make sure that tools for creativity stick around for that very purpose.


What is a Yoobi BFF Brand Ambassador?
A Yoobi BFF Brand Ambassor is a creative and fun individual helping us spread the You Buy, Yoobi Gives movement, showing their love for the Yoobi brand while scoring free swag along the way! Our Yoobi BFF Ambassadors are outgoing and active in their communities, involved in extracurricular activities and motivated to make the world a better place. Oh, and they really love Yoobi and want to share it with everyone they know!

What are the rules of the Brand Ambassador Program?
Thank you so much for being a Yoobi BFF Brand Ambassador! Your participation in the Brand Ambassador Program is governed by the Program Terms and Policies which contains all of the rules of the program. Below are some answers to some of the frequently asked questions about the Brand Ambassador Program rules. These rules are very important so we hope that you will read through them carefully.
Follow through on the specified months social deliverables outlined by the Yoobi team and share out to your platforms community.
Remember that the purpose of the Yoobi BFF Brand Ambassador program is to create awareness around the brand, help spread the You Buy, Yoobi Gives movement and create a positive and supportive environment!
Be kind and respectful to all other ambassadors.

What are the Yoobi BFF Brand Ambassador emails and when do I receive them?
We periodically send out emails to keep you updated & informed! We also want to make sure you get some killer content! You’ll receive an email from the Ambassador program for these circumstances:
When you get accepted into the program! Make sure you hang onto this one for future reference :)
Our weekly ambassador emails! This will include a creative brief guideline for the product you will be receiving via mail, important info and any updates! *Please note this change and will not always be the case, it mostly depends on launches and info we have to share with you guys! So, if you don't get an email every week, don't worry! *

What if I don't want to be a Yoobi BFF Brand Ambassador anymore?
If you no longer want to be an Ambassador, we totally understand! Sometimes it just doesn't work for you. Just shoot us an email at and let us know and we can cancel your ambassador account for you! We will certainly miss you of course!