Official Rules

Yoobi x By Jordana Cool For School Giveaway (August, 2017)

Annual Survey (August, 2017)

LuMee x Yoobi Weekend Photo Contest (August, 2017)

Yoobi x The Steppie Panda Attack Giveaway (July, 2017)

Yoobi x California Donuts Sweepstakes (July, 2017)

#YoobiYou Notebook Sweepstakes (July, 2017)

Lizzie Darden's Summer Faves Giveaway (July, 2017)

Deep River Snacks #IGiveAChip Sweepstakes (July, 2017)

Yoobi New-New Giveaway Sweepstakes (June, 2017)

Power of Giving Sweepstakes (March, 2016)

Guess Yoobi's Next Color Sweepstakes (March, 2016)

Backpack Pencil Case Sweepstakes (September, 2016)

Au Fudge Awesome Cause (August, 2016)

Annual Survey (August, 2016)

What Makes You Different Campaign (August, 2016)

Retail Summer Sweepstakes (July, 2016)

Building a Better Future Sweepstakes (June, 2016)

I Am Other Enter to Win Sweepstakes (June, 2016)

Memorial Day Weekend Summer Sweepstakes (May, 2016)

Color Your World RSG & Glam Camp Sweepstakes (April, 2016)

Education and Wellness for all Sweepstakes (March 2016)

Will YOOBI My Valentine? Sweepstakes Rules (February 2016)

YOOBI Organized Sweepstakes Rules (February 2016)

Week of Wellness Sweepstakes (2015)

Yoobi Thanksgiving Giveaway (2015)

Tis the Season for Giving Sweepstakes Rules (2015)

Master Yoobi Sweepstakes Rules

Yoobi x Usher Sweeps (July 2015)

Yoobi Spring Break Sweepstakes Official Rules (March 2015)

Yoobi PTO Today Expo Sweepstakes Official Rules (March 2015)

Yoobi Color War Sweepstakes Official Rules (Peoria)

Whats Your Favorite Yoobi Halloween Costume Sweepstakes Rules (10.17.14)

What's Your Favorite Yoobi Color Sweepstakes Rules (10.10.14)