Make a Little Gift Pocket for Valentines Day

Love is in the air! Whether you’d like to show your appreciate for a friend, family member, or other loved one, the simple tools you need are right at your finger tips. At Yoobi, we know how amazing hand-made gifts can be! Check out this awesome tutorial for making your own tiny heart basket. You can put your Valentine’s Day card, a piece of candy or more in this little basket and send it off to the person you love. It’s easy!

What You’ll Need:

  • Two pieces of paper or card, each a separate Valentine’s color (example: one pink, one red; one white, one red)
  • Something round like a like coffee mug
  • A ruler or the side of your Yoobi stencil set
  • A regular Yoobi pencil
  • Yoobi scissors
  • Yoobi glue or stapler

Basic Steps:

Choose two pieces of card of different colors and fold them in half down the middle. On each piece of card, next to the fold, draw a large square in pencil with your ruler or a straight edge. Try to make sure both squares are the same size.

Using a large mug or small bowl, draw a curved edge to finish the square on the furthest edge from the fold.

Now cut out both your arch shapes like this, with the fold in tact at the bottom, so we now have two very long rectangles with rounded ends and folded in the middle:

Now draw four evenly spaced lines, going from the fold towards the curve (but not all the way!) for each piece of card. Start with the center line, then a line on either side to help them stay as even as possible. Once you’re happy you have straight, even strips, cut along your lines to just past where the square would end like this:

Make sure to cut a little bit longer than the square side so you have some wiggle room while weaving, otherwise you can run out of room as you get near the end.

Now take your two pieces of paper and interweave the strips. Make sure you start from the top. That means the right-hand side of the card in your left hand and the left-hand side of the card in your right hand. Each strip goes through one, then around one, and through one and around one. Repeat with all four strips until it is all woven together. If you alternate each row, you should end up with a gorgeous checker-patterned design!

Once you’re down the pocket should open up to store some Valentine’s candy or a little love note.

If the weaving gets too tricky, cut the fold along, then just stick it back down at the end with some Yoobi glue or a stapler. You can also add a cute little handle if you like.

That’s it! This is an awesome way to show your loved ones how much you really care. This Valentine’s Day, share the love!