Play Dress Up With Fun Animal Noses

Let your imagine run wild! For those rainy days indoors, try this fun and easy craft project for some safari adventures in your own home. It’s a jungle out there.

What You’ll Need:

Basic Steps:

With Yoobi supplies, it’s easy to make awesome animal masks! Soon enough you’ll have your own personal zoo. With this craft, you’ll transform into your favorite animal in no time!

First, grab a paper bowl. Use one of your Yoobi markers or a pencil to draw the outline of your nose. This involves cutting off the rounded top and bottom of your upside down bowl like this:

Then grab your Yoobi scissors and cut out the nose. Hold onto the scraps — they may come in handy later!

Now that you have your mask, use a hole puncher to make two holes on either side of the mask. Thread and tie your ribbon, elastic or string through both holes. Tape each hole for an added measure. This will secure the mask comfortably around your head. Don’t let the mask fall off mid-roar!

You can add whiskers, stripes or spots as needed. Color the nose with your Yoobi washable markers or the Yoobi paint set. Add stickers for some extra flare or we found the Yoobi stencil set to be great for nostrils! Whether you want to be a pig, puppy or cat, you’re going to be the ruler of the jungle. Check out a few suggestions below!


The dog mask is a super simple and cute way to go. Simply draw your snout and a pink, brown or black button nose. Add spots as needed. With one of your scraps from the paper bowl, cut a tongue-shaped piece and glue it at the bottom of your mask. You’ll be howling at the moon in no time! We used the Yoobi paint set for our puppy and it worked brilliantly!


If you’re a cat person, simply draw your snout and nose, and fill in with black, orange, brown or gray. Add whiskers or stripes as you wish! This kitty mask is very cool and will have even the most curious cats wondering if you’re one of their own. Try a cat mask with your Yoobi items and go out on the prowl!