Make Your Own Yoobi Toucan with Cheeky Plates!

At Yoobi, our little mascot is a toucan. This bird is a symbol of color and fun, so you can see why we are such big fans. We’ve put together a craft project for those of you who want to have a toucan friend of your own.

What You’ll Need:

What To Do:

To start, take a Cheeky paper plate and cut it carefully straight down the middle.

Place one half of the plate with the straight edge facing down, then place the second half with the straight edge facing out on one side underneath the top plate. Angle the top plate slightly, and once you are happy with the shape you’ve created, glue or staple the plates together so they stay in place.

This should now resemble a bird: the beak facing left or right, and the tail and body facing downward. From here it’s all about coloring and making the bird your very own!

If you want to go for a classic toucan, use your black Yoobi washable marker, jumbo crayon or black paint from the Yoobi Paint Kit to color in the body plate.

For the beak, draw a line down the middle of the semicircle — and then color each side whatever colors you’d like. The mini highlighters can be great to add some vibrant beak stripes! Our toucan has primarily black feathers and has a multicolored beak, but this is your bird project. Make this your very own and put your heart into it! Let your personality shine.

All the bird needs now is some tail feathers. Cut long thin strips of colored paper (or white paper that you color with your markers or highlighters). Paste the strips to the tail of the bird and have them stick out away from the body. Then cut a circle out from your paper and paste it to the bird’s head to give it an eye. Now it can see all the great work that you’ve done!

To go the extra mile, you can use another plate on the other side to create a 3D version, and hang it in your window.