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Have Fun with Superbowl Bingo Cards

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It’s almost time for the big game! If you and your family are super fans of the Superbowl, you’ll love this easy and cool craft. Make your Superbowl 2015 party one to remember with easy bingo cards that you can make yourself!

What You’ll Need:

Basic Steps:

This is truly a simple way to make your Superbowl extra fun. First, take a stack of paper (one page per guest). Leave some space at the top of each page for decorations and text if you’d like (you can title the page Superbowl XLIX!). With a ruler or the side of our Yoobi stencil set, make five columns evenly spaced lengthwise per page. Once finished, make five rows evenly spaced across. You should now have 25 squares per page. In the very middle space, be sure to mark it as a FREE space (if you’re feeling generous!).

Now, before the main event, get each player to fill in each space with a football-related event! It’s time to get creative. Here are some examples of space ideas:

  • Coach whispering into his microphone
  • Truck commercial
  • Fan with face paint
  • Fan with crazy hat
  • Safety
  • Soda commercial
  • Overhead view of stadium
  • Halftime malfunction
  • Temperature announcement
  • Interception
  • Fumble
  • Coach shakes his head
  • Surprise half time guest singer joins the main act
  • Fan waving huge sign with a spelling mistake
  • Field goal
  • Time announcement
  • Overtime
  • Pizza Promotion
  • 2 point conversion attempt
  • Holding penalty
  • Skyline view of city

These are just a few examples. Remember, you want to come up with more than 25 options and place them differently on each card. Otherwise everyone will win at the same time!

As the game progresses, use your Yoobi markers to fill in each space. Once some one has filled five spaces down or across, then that is the name of the game! It’s up to you to decide what the winner gets as a prize. Consider giving a bag of candy or another one of your Yoobi crafts! Whatever you pick, you’ll be a true winner this Superbowl.

If you want to give your Bingo cards an extra kick, decorate them with your team colors using your Yoobi markers or colored pencils. These cards are a great way to keep your Superbowl party interactive and fun. Don’t miss the kickoff this 2015!

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