Frankenstein Bag DIY

Some people refer to Halloween as the absolute best holiday of the year in which case, this calls for parties, ridiculous costumes (the more ridiculous, the better) and of course, really REALLY awesome party favors. 

Today, we're going to tell you what it takes to put together an awesome DIY Frankenstein Halloween bag. 

To begin, make sure you have:

1) Yoobi Gift Bag

2) Liquid Glue

3) Tape

4) Black and White Poly Folders

5) Black Push Pins

6) Scissors

Step 1: Cut your black poly folder to the width of your Yoobi gift bag. Then, cut triangle-like shapes into the bottom of your folder. Make sure the "hair" is just long enough to cover the top flap of the bag. 

Step 2: Cut small rectangular eyebrows out of black poly folder. 

Step 3: Cut oval shaped eye-whites out of white poly folder. Then, cut small eye pupils out of black poly folder.  Make sure they are small enough to fit within the oval shaped part of the eye. 

Step 4: Place all cut items and push pins accordingly onto your gift bag before gluing. This is to ensure everything looks the way you want it before making it official. 

Step 5: Look good? Glue and tape away!  


You'll be the best host on the block with these awesome gift bags. Make sure you share your creations with us on instagram @Yoobi and hashtag #howiYoobi