To Go! Projects with PS Arts

A child’s imagination is just as important as their education. Without a creative mind, we’d be left without innovation and discovery… (These are our future leaders we’re talkin’ about here!) Which is why Yoobi loves P.S. ARTS. P.S. ARTS is an organization all about empowering the lives of children by providing access to arts education in underserved public schools and communities. We admire their mission to improve children’s creative and cognitive skills through dance, music, theater, and visual arts. By using their model of excellence, environment, and engagement, P.S. ARTS give students the opportunity to succeed!

Their impact on children’s lives in the community earned them the 2014 Arts Education Award and recognition as one of the top four community partners in the LA County Arts Commission’s 2015 Report: We Are In This Together. Way to go, P.S. ARTS!


P.S. ARTS features a ton of fun resources for students, parents, teachers, and schools/districts on the website. One of our favorite resources are the “To Go!” projects inspired by artists around the world. These projects are made so that they are easily accessible by creatively using basic art supplies. Each “To go!” project includes a set of instructions that helps children create their own spin and be their own Monet! Together, Yoobi and P.S. ARTS have created the PERFECT project for school OR home, referencing the beautiful work of Kandinsky. Check out our step by step below:

Click the image below to download the full size poster!


If you're a teacher looking for a fun, new, innovated lesson plan, click below to download the entire lesson plan!


P.S. ARTS serves 25,000 students each week in 59 public schools and 14 partner school districts. This school year marks P.S. ARTS’ 25th Anniversary. Learn more at