Yoobi’s DIY Piggy Bank!

OINK if you love a new DIY craft! It’s time to start saving up that hard-earned money for the Holiday season! What better way to do so than with this DIY Piggy Bank? With paint and a brush, you can bring this little piggy to life and store your finances in style.  Transform this plain white piggy into a colorful masterpiece with zigzags, polka dots, moons, stars, whatever your heart desires! Just don’t forget to let your piggy express itself with colorful eyes, ears and a mouth!


This set includes:

  • Ceramic piggy bank
  • 3 paint colors
  • Paint brush


Use our chalk markers and glitter glue to add some Holiday cheer and make your little piggy POP, sparkle and shine!

Save up for something you have had your eyes on all year long or use your savings to give something meaningful to someone else this Holiday season! We can’t wait to see what YOU create. Share your masterpieces with us on Facebook and Instagram by tagging @Yoobi and using the hashtag #howiYoobi #one4youone4me