Celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Day in Your Classrooms

We can’t contain our excitement for one of our most favorite days of the year: Random Acts of Kindness Day! RAK Day falls on Sunday, February 17th, but let’s celebrate kindness all week long. We’re challenging all of our Yoobi teachers to engage students in an act of kindness in your own classrooms. Now more than ever, teaching kids to be a generation of compassionate and empowered humans could make all the difference in the world – even if it’s one simple gesture like saying hi to a new classmate.

To make Random Acts of Kindness Day a fun classroom activity, print out our latest classroom activity sheet and get your students coloring, cutting and proving that kind is the new cool (because it totally is).

Random Acts of Kindness Day is, Sunday, February 17. Teachers and parents want to get your kids and students engaged? Test out our latest classroom activity sheet and share your stories

 What you’ll need:

The Activity:

  • Engage your class in a brief discussion about what it means to be kind, and ask questions such as, “Who can tell me what kind means to them?” or “Give me an example of something that is kind.”
  • Share a personal story about a time when you were the recipient of a random act of kindness. Perhaps someone in line in front of you bought your latte; or helped you carry groceries to your car, or gave you a random compliment. Use this as an example to get your students talking about how they can do random acts of kindness for others.
  • Explain the importance or value of Random Acts of Kindness Day. To us, it means doing something thoughtful, helpful or kind for someone else that is completely unprompted or unexpected. Teaching kids to do a kind act without expecting anything in return can help them better foster relationships with others.
  • Hand out the coloring sheets and have a coloring period!
  • Ask the students to raise their hands to share which of the three acts they want to try to accomplish during Random Acts of Kindness week.
  • Tape the completed activity sheets up on a wall. As they complete their random acts of kindness throughout the week, have them tape their smiley faces onto the acts they’ve completed.
  • Reward students who complete their acts of kindness with something like a high-five, a hug, an extra minute of recess, or a sweet treat!
  • Engage the class in a brief discussion about their acts of kindness experience to reinforce the positive behavior.


Send us an email describing what the classroom activity was like for you and your students, and you could be featured in an upcoming blog post or Toucan Times! Email us at stories@yoobi.com.