Best Gifts For Teachers

All of the school supplies in the world wouldn’t make a difference without an amazing teacher to back them up. It is SO critical that we celebrate teachers not just on May 3rd for National Teacher Appreciation Day, but for the ENTIRE month of May. We must thank the wonderful people responsible for shaping the minds of our future generations. Take a look at some of these awesome Yoobi goodies that are perfect for showing your teachers just how thankful you are for them!


Letter Tray Desk Set – $19.99

A teacher has LOADS of papers to grade every day and usually stays after the closing bell rings just to make sure they are graded in time. Brighten the mood a give them the gift of a colorful addition to their desk. This brightly-colored letter tray is bound to do the trick!


Yoobi Jersey Tote - $7.99

Whether teachers use it as a bag for their binders, their books, or their groceries, everyone LOVES having an extra bag handy – especially when it features everyone’s favorite Toucan!


8-Color Retractable Ballpoint Pen, Clear - $3.49           

Grading assignments can be tedious – plus the constant red ink has GOT to have some sort of negative effect on teacher’s eyeballs! Give them 8 different options for grading to switching things up a bit!


For Your Teacher Bundle - $20.00

Yoobi has taken the grunt work out of Teacher Appreciation with this awesome bundles, tailor-made for your teacher! Complete with everything they need for their lesson planning and desk decorating, this is a teacher must-have!


Polish off the perfect teacher gift with a custom post card! Click the image below for the downloadable version.