Top 5 Study Tools to Help You Crush Exam Week

There's no doubt that with exam week around the corner, we're all starting to break a sweat. Have no fear though, Yoobi is here to help you wiz through them and receive the outstanding grades that you deserve! Today, we’ll be breaking down the top 5 study tools you need to crush exam week. 


1. Index Cards

As we are all well aware, index cards are a vital tool for memorizing key words for any class. Studies show that 90% of the value of flash cards come from writing them out!


2. Gel Pens

Color is believed to be the most important visual expeience to human beings. It functions as a powerful information channel to the human cognitive system and has been found to play a significant role in enhancing memory performance. That’s why our gel pens would pair so perfectly with our index card notes.


3. Highlighters

While your sifting through massive text books, highlight all vital points. When we pay attention to certain information, we are actually selecting and focusing a certain amount of information to be processed into our cognitive system. With our highlighters, you wont miss a beat!


4. Spiral Notebooks

The key to acing any test is taking great notes. Writing things down helps with memorization. So try writing things out the old fashion way, instead of typing your notes out on a computer.


5. Pink Sticky Note Dispenser

Whether you need to tag a page to review later, or trim off a piece of paper to write down some vital notes, the sticky note dispenser is super versatile and great for a number of your study needs!