3 Fun Gifts that Give Back Ideas for Last Minute Shoppers

It’s the time of year where the fun and spirit of giving is so magical you can feel it in the winter air! It’s also that time of year for long lines, crazy shopping malls and racking your brain to come up with the absolutely perfect and unique gift for your besties.

 So, we figured we’d step in to help you out. Below are three super fun and interactive holiday gifts and activities for you and your besties to feel good about this holiday. Each gift helps donate free Yoobi school supplies to kids in need, AND has a little something extra to make everyone’s spirits bright!

Get ready to give and receive all the warm and fuzzies this holiday season, with our Gifts that Give Back! 

The Gift that Gives Back #1

Yoobi Gratitude Journal

This gift is all about making sure your bestie feels loved this holiday, and it’s super simple. To get started, snag our Yoobi Mixtape Journal, our classic gel pens, our spy message marker, and our sticky note dispenser. When your goodies arrive, write this on the very first page in the journal, so you see it right when it’s opened: “I am grateful for my bestie: ____________(insert name here).” Then on the next page, scribble a secret gratitude note. Write down all the reasons you’re grateful for your bestie, and don’t forget to use the spy message marker so it’s extra fun for your best to uncover your secret message! Then using the sticker note dispenser, write additional gratitude notes, quotes and reminders to your bestie and stick the notes on random pages throughout the journal. Wrap up the journal, the spy pen and a gel pen in a fun, colorful wrapping paper and don’t forget to let your bestie know that your gift also gives back to classrooms in need across the U.S. (This gift gives 4 school supplies to kids in need!)

What you’ll need:

  • Yoobi Mixtape Journal
  • Spy Message Marker – Rainbow Stripe
  • Classic Gel Pens
  • Sticky Note Dispenser 

The Gift that Gives Back #2:

Make Magic Happen for Someone in Need

This gift is about bringing joy to someone you don’t even know. Why? Because the holidays are a time to let others know that they’re cared about and loved. All you need for this gift that gives back is our Make Magic Zip Pouch and one of our awesome holiday journals (Purple Glitter or Aqua Gold Sequin will do the trick!) and some outside goodies, like hand warmers, gloves or socks, granola bars or other small snacks. Pack the helpful goodies (the gloves, granola bars, etc.) into the Make Magic Zip Pouch and voila! A helpful holiday kit for someone in need.

Before you tie it all up with a bow, be sure to write a kind letter to your unknown recipient. Tell them that even though you may never meet, you are sending them love and joy this holiday season. You’re nearly done! Now work with a parent or guardian to develop a plan to hand out your Make Magic Happen Holiday Kit to someone in need. You can find your nearest homeless or women’s shelter, or deliver it to someone who may be on the street this holiday. Make sure to bring along a parent and afterward celebrate your good deed with us! Tell us how it went by tagging @yoobi and #yoobiGives. (This gift donates 2 school supply items to kids in need!)

“Make Magic Happen for Those in Need”

  • Make Magic Zip Pouch
  • Purple Glitter Journal
  • Aqua Gold Sequin Journal
  1. Helpful items:
    1. Hand warmers
    2. Gloves or socks
    3. Granola bars or other small snacks
    4. A special note

The Gift that Gives Back #3

DIY Christmas Quote Cactus

Infuse a little West Coast style into your holidays with a fun and inspiring DIY project for you and your BFFs to feel good about as you hang out over winter break. This Christmas crafting sesh donates 5 school supplies to kids in need per project – and you can multiply the donation by two if you and your friend both make your own! To get started, use our neon tempera paint to paint the cactus cork green like a Christmas tree. You can do more than one coat of paint if you want the color to be darker. While the cork is drying, decorate the base of the Christmas Cactus with washi tape! Once it’s all dry, assemble the cork into the base, then start to research inspiring and funny holiday quotes to scribble down on the sticky notes – we like using the pink and white striped notes to play up the holiday theme of this project! Then using the pom-pom push pins (aka, Christmas Cactus ornaments J), pin on your sticky notes to your Christmas Cactus and find the perfect spot on your desk or dresser so your West Coast Christmas Tree Cactus can inspire you all season long!

  • 2-Pk Washi Tape – Rainbow and Glitter
  • 8 Pk Push Pins – Pom Pom
  • Cactus Cork Board Organizer
  • 8 Pk Sticky Note Set – Tropical
  • Tempera Paint, 6 Pack – Neon Multicolor

We hope you like our Gifts that Give Back! Be sure to post about your Gifts that Give Back experience on social media using @Yoobi and #yoobiGives! We want to know: Did your bestie like her Gratitude Journal? How’d your Christmas Cactus turn out? What was it like making magic for someone in need? We can’t wait for you to tell us!