3 Incredible Health Benefits of Practicing Gratitude

Gratitude doesn’t just feel good, making a habit of gratitude can also be good for our health!


Gratitude can help kids sleep better. 

When kids generate gratitude throughout the day, they’re more likely to have positive thoughts going through their mind while falling asleep. With positive thoughts they’re more likely to drift off into a peaceful slumber! 

Gratitude can help kids feel more positive emotions. 

Practicing gratitude can help kids feel more satisfied with school and their lives in general. It can also help them foster feelings of optimism and decrease the amount of negative emotions experienced. 

Gratitude can help boost kids’ immune systems. 

There are many interesting studies that link optimism to better immune function. A study has even found that students characterized as optimistic maintained higher numbers of blood cells that work to protect our immune systems, compared to their more pessimistic classmates.



Download and complete this super fun and easy coloring sheet that will help your kids practice gratitude today! Click here for a downloadable PDF file.