Classroom Resources: Learn2Earn

Learn2Earn is an awesome company we recently met at a recent conference. We love their mission to make effective fundraisers by incentivizing students’ reading, and know that Yoobi the Toucan would love to join the Whoo’s Reading owls for story time!  Learn2Earn is an online fundraising platform that allows students to raise money by reading books. Their online Reading-Raiser interface makes the collection and management process easier than ever. Check out some of their most successful fundraisers at their Fundraising Blog.


Learn2Earn also offers a free teacher tool, Whooo’s Reading, where students log their reading to earn Wisdom Coins. The coins are then spent in the owl store, where students “buy” accessories for their Owlvatar.owl shop

After logging minutes, students are prompted to answer Common Core-aligned, grade-specific questions about the reading they just completed. This makes it easy for teachers to determine whether students are understanding the material. These questions go into the teacher’s turn-in tray, where teachers give them a score; teachers can also give personalized feedback.turn in tray

Finally, students can interact within the Whooo’s Reading newsfeed, liking their peers’ reading and commenting on responses.newsfeed

Teachers can sign up for the teacher tool for free, or upgrade for exclusive features, such as:

  • Upgraded teacher avatars
  • New question sets every month
  • Custom scoring and instructions

You can download a Starter Kit to learn more about their online read-a-thon fundraising platform and sign up for Whooo’s Reading for free. Don’t forget to visit their teacher blog and follow them on Twitter and Facebook.