Meet the Teacher: Mandy Battles

January 26, 2015

Meet the Teacher: Mandy Battles

Yoobi loves Teachers! This week we got the chance to hear from one of our teachers, who recently received a Yoobi Classroom Pack.

Roll Call

Meet Mandy Battles, teacher at Bow Lake Elementary in Seatac, Washington.



We Asked Mandy…

What age/grade do you teach?
2nd Grade

How long have you been teaching?
I have been teaching for eight years; three years in first grade, five years in second.

What do you love most about teaching?  What made you become a teacher in the first place?
I love the opportunity to spark activism in our children, to help them become passionate about what they want to see in the world and to feel empowered to work for that change.

How do you get the school supplies you need for your classroom? Can it be difficult to get what you need?
I do spend a lot of time finding well-priced supplies, or scouring the building for what we need.

Do you spend money out of your own pocket on core school supplies for your students? Would you mind sharing how much on average?
On average I spend $150 each year on paper, binders, notebooks, folders, and art supplies.  I have more fun shopping for books for our class library and read-alouds; I spend much more money on those.

Does having access to school supplies really make a difference in your classroom, and to kids? If so, how?
It makes a huge difference to have enough (and consistent) supplies.  Although it is important practice in sharing, when we don’t have enough glue sticks or scissors, projects are less efficient and students lose focus on the learning objective.

What have you done / will you do / can you do – with the Yoobi Classroom Pack in your classroom?
Students now have most of the necessary supplies for these projects already in their desks!  This reduces organizational time for me and transition time for students to retrieve their supplies, and more time spent working toward our objectives. This makes it possible to give students important hands-on activities to strengthen and add relevancy and engagement to learning.  Thank you!

What do your students think about the concept of ‘One for You, One for Me’?
They really appreciate the idea!  We have talked a lot about “paying it forward” and anonymous giving, and are excited to carry-on the good that you have done.

How will you use this idea/lesson in your classroom?
We have read many related read-alouds, including Ordinary Mary’s Extraordinary Deed, and talk often about how random acts of kindness can affect our world in powerful ways.

What is your favorite Yoobi school supply?
The pencil pouches.  A place for everything, and everything in its place!


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