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Classroom Resources: The Be Kind People Project

Kindness is afoot in schools across America due in part to an upbeat, non-profit organization called The Be Kind People ProjectTM. The Be Kind People Project was founded to improve the social, emotional, and learning environment in our nation’s schools by equipping students with character development tools that build positive and healthy relationship skills and foster social and emotional learning. To meet this goal, The Be Kind People Project provides in-school and after-school programs, internet based learning breaks, teacher appreciation gifts and high-energy assemblies using The Be Kind CrewTM, a group of young hip-hop dancers with a positive message.

Be Kind AssemblyLast month, we partnered with The Be Kind People Project in conjunction with Kids In Need Foundation and their Arizona affiliate, Treasures 4 Teachers, to deliver school supplies and participate in Be Kind Crew assemblies. Teachers and students alike were thrilled to receive much needed school supplies and engage in the Be Kind PledgeTM, which reinforces character traits such as respect, encouragement and positive thinking. “During our assemblies, we connect with kids through an interactive and high energy experience that engages students through today’s language of urban dance and spoken word.” says Sarah “Saza” Dimmick, Artistic Director for The Be Kind People Project. “We provide positive solutions to help kids take accountability for their personal relationships. We help kids learn what TO do instead of what NOT to do. We help develop solutions to behavior issues like bullying — and we do it without ever even saying the words “bully” or “don’t” or “anti”. We make it COOL to be kind.” In each assembly, The Be Kind Crew asks students to thank their teachers, and this time, along with Kids In Need Foundation and Treasures 4 Teachers, the message was delivered with the gift of thousands of school supplies from Yoobi. In addition to the assemblies, The Be Kind People Project supports teachers by offering five minute learning breaks called The Be Kind BreakTM, which incorporates the kindness theme of the month with school subjects including math, reading/writing, social studies, science, civics, and dance. Students love the fun “break” time and teachers appreciate the standards-based learning that reinforces character education. Plus, three times a year, The Be Kind People Project runs national contests. Currently, the National Creative Expression Contest is available for entry, in which students can explain “This is What Kindness Looks like to Me” in four categories: Spoken Word, Visual Arts, Performing Arts and Technology. Winners receive prizes for their school, their teacher and themselves! For more information, or to get The Be Kind People to come to your school, visit them