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Slingin' Spectacular Supplies in Seattle

This weekend, Yoobi visited the World Vision (Kids In Need Foundation’s affiliate in the Northwestern US) teacher resource centers in Fife, WA and Seattle, WA following the recent arrival of thousands of Yoobi classroom packs!
We had an amazing two day visit with the World Vision team, starting out on Thursday with a visit to their Fife, WA resource center, getting to know their team, meeting staff and volunteers, and getting a tour of their amazing facility.
From there, we went to deliver Yoobi classroom packs to the teachers at Midway Elementary. I was particularly touched by a young girl in one of the classes, who was completely blind – Elizabeth. I was amazed at Elizabeth’s ability to navigate the room without a walking stick, and to fit in with all the other classmates, despite her inability to see. As we were about to distribute the supplies to the kids, I called her up to help pass them out, so that I could be sure she could feel them before handing them out – giving her a chance to experience the excitement along with her classmates.
Later that evening, we came back to the teacher resource center and passed out Yoobi classroom packs to teachers picking up supplies directly from World Vision’s resource center that day.
The next day, we visited another elementary school in the area and passed out supplies. One of the classes at the school was a Spanish-only class. I wasn’t about to pass it by just because my Spanish was a little rusty! So in I went, blushing wildly, where I got to tell all the kids about Yoobi in Spanish! Wasn’t expecting that, but in the end, it went very well. The kids thought my blushing was hilarious, they loved the supplies, and the teacher was thrilled. Another classroom – Yoobified!
We completed our trip by joining a team from Microsoft, volunteering to prepare the World Vision Seattle teacher resource center for arriving teachers.
All in all, it was an amazing trip. I am so grateful to our friends and partners at World Vision for the amazing experience and all the hard work they do for the kids of Seattle, and beyond.
Have a great school year from Seattle to Tacoma. And GO SEAHAWKS!
-Justin, Chief Giving Officer, Yoobi