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Awesome Times at the KINF Gala!

Last week, Team Yoobi attended the 16th Annual Kids In Need Foundation Education Celebration Gala in Minneapolis, MN, and it was awesome!
We kicked off the day at KINF’s resource center, where the Yoobi team helped fill over 400 backpacks with supplies to support KINF Second Responder’s program ( Since 9/11 has become a national day of service, we were proud to participate and help ensure kids living in areas affected by natural disaster can still go to school and have a sense of normalcy in their lives again.
The Gala itself was amazing. At the event, a principal, teachers, and students shared their personal stories of how school supplies make a difference in their lives. The evening concluded with an After Party, hosted by YOOBI!  Guests went home with Yoobi-shaped cookies, pretzel erasers, jumbo highlighters, and fuzzy pencil cases (and of course, a renewed drive to provide even more supplies next year). 
The KINF Gala reminded us of the difference that access to school supplies can make in a child’s life, and we are proud to partner with KINF. All proceeds from the Gala help KINF serve over 3.6 million children and 120,000 teachers annually. Thank you KINF for a wonderful Gala and for all that you do for teachers and kids everyday!