Create Fun Holiday Thank You Cards

‘Tis the season to give back and show appreciation to the special people in your life. This winter at Yoobi, we’re happy to give you a creative boost with some fun seasonal craft ideas. A great way to say a special “Thank You” for the wonderful holiday gifts you receive is with handmade thank you cards.

What You’ll Need:

Basic Steps:

It’s super easy to get creative with cards. You can cut fun shapes with your Yoobi scissors, do your own drawings and patterns, anything you like! Use a simple piece of card, folded carefully in half and glue your decorations on to the front. Make patterns with your Yoobi colored pencils and markers and add unique drawings for a special touch.

Here are some of our favorite holiday ideas:

Reindeer Thank You Cards

Think drawing a reindeer is hard? Think again! Here are some simple steps to follow to decorate your card with an adorable Rudolph!

  • With your brown Yoobi crayon or marker, draw an oval for the body.
  • Draw four rectangles going down from oval for hooves
  • Draw a small round tail at one end of oval.
  • Add a curved rectangle for the neck.
  • Another oval at the top for the head.
  • Add the finishing details! Ears, eyes, nose and antlers with your other color pencils or crayons. Get a little crazy with the antlers!

Surprise Gift Thank You Cards

Get a piece of colored paper, perhaps some left over gift wrap and cut a square that fits well on the front of your card (a Yoobi sticky note is a great alternative!). Make a half inch fold along the top side of the paper and glue the outside of that fold onto you card, making sure that the “flap” lifts upwards. Decorate the outside of the square to look like a gift, perhaps stick on some ribbon or draw a bow at the top. Underneath the flap write a big “thank you!” that is revealed when they “open” their present! For an extra special touch, use a photo of you holding a thank you message instead.

Just make sure that your “present” covers the message until the flap is lifted.

Snowflake Thank You Card

Get an assortment of paperclips, and some strong liquid glue. Working from the center out, create a wonderful snowflake pattern. You can use white paper clips on a dark blue background, or maybe some of Yoobi’s colorful paper clips to create a fun, vibrant design!

At Yoobi we know that it really is the thought that counts. We’re here to make sure you have the right tools to express yourself to your very best. Get creative, share your thanks, and have safe and happy holidays this season where ever you may be!