4 Tips for a Successful Planner

The holiday season is in full swing and your stress level is at a new high, but did you know there is a simple way you can keep your stress levels in-check? Manage your time with a planner! From reminding yourself to drink water to remembering birthdays, planners are the ultimate tool to maximize your productivity and get things done. When time seems to stop for no one, it’s difficult to fit everything into one day. Deadlines and projects slowly start to pile up, and upcoming family vacations are near; there is just too much for one person to remember. Luckily, we highlighted the best tips that will have you focus on what’s most important and relieve the overbearing stress off of your shoulders. In a matter of days, you will notice how much you get done in one day than you normally do in one week. Soon, your planner will become the BFF you never knew you needed.

Here are four tips that will keep your productivity at a new high and your stress-level at a minimum.

Tip #1: Choose the RIGHT planner for you!

Just like shopping for a car, choosing the right planner is one of the key elements that will maximize your organization and productivity every day. Did you know there are more than five different types of planners out there to choose from? Daily, weekly, and monthly are just a few types of planners to choose from. With so many different types it’s easy to choose the wrong one for you! First, think about what you really need a planner for. Are you a student? Consider a weekly planner which allows you to look ahead in the week so you can anticipate any upcoming tests and assignments that are due. A teacher? Consider a monthly planner to jot down all the planned activities and fun curriculum you have for the month! Your planner should reflect your lifestyle so pick one that speaks to you and your everyday needs.

Tip #2: Color code is KEY!

Bring out your markers and highlighters because when it comes to planners, using an array of colors is key! Color coding helps separate and group everything into categories. One tip is to use the brightest colors (i.e. red, yellow, etc.), for your most important dates such as the day of an exam or a meeting you have scheduled. For the maximum organization, create a color legend at the beginning of your planner and assign a color to each task. The color blue may be used for all future doctor’s appointments or the color purple may be used for days you need to go grocery shopping! The possibilities are endless and what makes a planner great is the flexibility for what works best for you and your life.

Tip #3: Keep Your Planner Up-To-Date

            Getting into the routine of things may take some time but checking and updating your planner will soon become part of your daily routine. Once you adjust to having a planner in the palm of your hand 24/7 you’re already on the road to success. By frequently updating your planner with tasks that are assigned in the moment, you can immediately start planning on what works and what doesn’t. The habit of checking and updating your planner will keep everything up to date and you will never miss another appointment or assignment.

Tip #4: Get Up Close and Personal!

            Don’t forget, this planner is YOURS! Decorate the pages with washi tape, stickers, or even your favorite bookmark! Soon, your planner will be more than just another blank canvas. Fill your pages that will reflect your dreams, attitude, and sense of style. Whether it’s jotting down inspiring quotes or reminding yourself of future goals, your motivation will instantly skyrocket you into the weekend. Your success will begin to show one day at a time and nothing is more convenient than having your life at the palm of your hand every second of the day.