Yoobi's First Birthday

June 3, 2015 - Almost exactly a year ago from today, Yoobi became public to the world after a LOT of preparation. It was the day we began selling 81 different products in 1800 Target stores (exclusively) nationwide, and on Yoobi.com.

Yoobi believe’s it is a right, not a privilage for every child in the U.S. to have creative and colorful tools for learning. We believe our products will provide children with the confidence and self esteem they need to help make learning more exciting. For every Yoobi item purchased, another Yoobi item is contributed into a Yoobi Classroom Pack, which is distributed to K-3 classrooms, right here in the U.S. At just 6 months, we were able to impact the lives of over 500,000 children.

Now, a year later, we are opening our very first retail store in Southern California, and in the midst of launching almost 500 items exclusive to retail and Yoobi.com. As we continue to grow our line, we will continue to expand “The Give," more and more. We can not thank all of our fans enough for all of the love and support they have provided to us through our first year. Cheers to many more memories, many more fans, and many more gives!

Photo Credit: Cup of Joe