In the Eyes of a Teacher

With this collaboration, Yoobi and Usher want to spread awareness of the lack of access to basic fundamental school supplies, right here in the U.S., and encourage others to join in our mission to level the playing field.

We recently visited Hillcrest Elementary School in Los Angeles, CA with Usher to deliver Yoobi Classroom Packs, and had the chance to speak with some very special teachers. In an assembly for the school, Usher said, “To be a future leader, you have to have an education. Well, if you want an education, you have to have the proper tools.” 

At Yoobi we believe it is important that we not only recognize the students, but the teachers who go above and beyond every day to make sure their students have the tools they need to learn and be creative. We spoke with several teachers that day, and we wanted to share their thoughts:

How do you usually go about getting school supplies for your students?

Ms. Sobreal: “The district does supply the basics, but the basics are not enough. At the beginning of the year and in the summer I kind of stock up on journals, on pencils, on rulers, and things like that that I pass out to my children to keep at home because in our community, a lot of kids don’t have that. They don’t have enough to do homework. I like them to keep a set at home and then a set here.”

Ms. Brown: “The way I get school supplies now…I save. I save, and right before school starts I usually put aside $1,000 for my class. I have to set aside some money, my personal money because I feel bad if kids don’t have what they need. My teaching is very project based, so I have to make sure they have pencils, markers, and crayons.”

What is your favorite thing about teaching?

Ms. Sobreal: “My favorite thing about teaching is just making a difference in a child's life. More so than the education. The education of course is primary because that's my job. I love it when a child is struggling with something and they finally get it and you see the relief in their face. You see actual pride, "Oh, I finally did it." I just like to see growth and just be there for the children, educate them, listen to them, learn about them, and just give my all to them the little time that I have with them."

Ms. Brown: “Seeing the change in the students. They come in one way based on their experiences and the things that ... I don't know maybe other classrooms or other teachers have done with them and so I'm the last stop. I get to repair some of the damage that's been done. I get to build confidence, that maybe wasn't there before and so I love seeing the change. Like now, we're ten days away from culmination and the kids have grown tremendously.”

Yoobi’s goal is to provide free school supplies to every child that needs it. That’s why, for every Yoobi item you purchase, a Yoobi item is contributed to a Yoobi Classroom Pack, full of all the core essential school supplies, including pencils, markers, folders, scissors, pencil cases, and glue. Yoobi Classroom Packs are distributed to Elementary School classrooms that need them most, right here in the U.S, through our partnership with Kids In Need Foundation.

“This was a really awesome experience to receive these school supplies from you, really, really awesome,” said Ms. Brown.   

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