5 Reasons Yoobi Products Trump What You’ll Find at Supply Stores


    Let’s be frank, you can’t always find what you want at your general supply store. Whether you are a mom looking for school supplies for your little kiddo, or an office-junkie-number-cruncher just looking to add some flair to your white-walled cubicle, those stores can be incredibly overwhelming. Instead of risking a few early gray hairs from the stress of too many options, Yoobi has everything you need in one convenient place, whether you go to Target, Yoobi.com, or our retail store. Check out Yoobi’s bundles for even simpler shopping – we’ve got Techie Teen, and more!


    We don’t know about you, but we're kind of over the color selection of items at all those supply stores. SURE they have lots of colors, patterns and varieties, but nothing really matches up. Sometimes, you need a little excitement in your life that all goes together - which is why you can get everything you need in 7 bright, fun, and eye-catching colors. Go for the OG Yoobi colors with green, purple, pink and blue or embrace the new with black, aqua, or white.

    Purple Pencil Sharpener / Purple Camo Composition Book 


    Unless you’re a Yoobi super fan, you might not know how much we do to keep things interesting around here. First off, we’ve introduced two new product rollouts in just over a year. Just imagine the goodies we will have in two, three, four years? Not only that, but we’re crazy active on social media – our awesome social media coordinator (Kendal) thinks up some pretty incredible stuff for Instagram every single day. Rachel, Monse, and Nora, our core marketing team, coordinate fun Yoobi events all over the Los Angeles area to help spread the word about Yoobi. Uh, we also have a HUGE YOOBI BUS. Seriously, there’s so much going on here, you definitely wanna stick around to see it unfold.

    inside yoobi bus - 5 Reasons Yoobi Products Trump What You’ll Find at Supply Stores

    2. UMM…IT’S FUN!

    Jumbo colored pencils that have twirly-swirly colors all in one? Erasers that looks like pretzels but double as stylish bracelets? Sticky tape dispensers that let you customize how big or small your want your notes? MINI EVERYTHING?! You can’t get this stuff just anywhere…only at Yoobi!

    Jumbo Color Stripe Pencils / Double Ended Mini Highlighters / Pink Sticky Note Dispenser / Pretzel Erasers

    1. GIVE BACK

    The absolute most important part of Yoobi, why we are all here, is our “GIVE” aspect. For every single Yoobi item you purchase, we give to kids in need right here in the USA. Think of us as the TOMs for the kids of our future. Think back on your childhood, when shopping for Back To School was the absolute highlight of your summer. Imagine not being able to buy just the essentials: glue, folders, pencils. That’s the reality for thousands of children in our country. Yoobi is here to help those students, and the teachers that spend hundreds of dollars of their own money making up for what their students can’t afford. Yoobi is doing good, and all you have to do to help is buy Yoobi.