5 Cool Ways to Organize Your Desk

A well-organized desk is essential to maximum productivity at work and school. Studies have shown that the workspace we occupy shape who we are and how we behave – so why not make it fun? From colors to beneficial supplies, we round up five cool ways to organize your desk and make it look good!

 how to organize your workspace - yoobi

1. Choose a feel-good color theme

Redecorating your desk from a blank slate may seem daunting, but it’s really not when you get this one thing down! Choose a color to pair the rest of your supplies with. Whether it’s your favorite color or one that makes you feel good and relaxed, Yoobi has an array of selections to choose from. Do you prefer a minimal and simplistic desk? Choose a neutral color such as white. How about everyone’s favorite color, aqua? Or get snazzy with neon colors!


2. Opt for fun prints

Once you figure out your main color scheme, integrate fun prints into your workspace. From polka dots to chevron, to our new fun banana print collection, your binders and folders can be standout pieces that inspire creativity.


3. Install a planner above your desk

Staying on top of it is one thing, but having fun while being on your A-game is another! Install a whiteboard above your desk and plan your weekly to-do’s and activities ahead of time. Have a group project meeting on Tuesday? Jot it down! Need to pick something up at 4 pm on Friday? Write it in bold as an extra reminder.


4. Use binder and paper clips to keep everything in place

Papers scattered everywhere can be distracting, and your workspace should be everything but. Take full advantage of pretty paper clips and fun binder clips to keep loose papers in designated places.


5. Flair out your desk accessories

If you like solid colors and wary against prints, opt to flair out supplies with Yoobi stickers! With a range of inspirational sayings to magical stickies, you have the power to make your supplies one-of-a-kind.