5 Things You Can Keep in a Yoobi Mini Backpack Coin Purse

Thinking of ways to put your new Yoobi Mini Backpack Coin Purse to use? Don’t worry-we’re here to help! Here are 5 things you can keep inside, whether you’re getting geared up for back-to-school or just ready to sport the Mini Backpack ASAP!


yoobi mini backpack

1. Mini Gel Pens

Match Mini with Mini by putting Yoobi Mini Gel Pens inside your Mini Backpack Coin Purse! From neon pink to glittery green, there is so much variety in the Gel Pen pack. Pick a few of your favorite colors to carry in your Mini Backpack to brighten up your day. You’ll be sure to make everyone GEL-ous!


2. 3D Erasers

How do you fit a mini apple, french fries, and ice cream in your mini backpack? Pack a mini-sized lunch with Yoobi 3D erasers! These super cute eraser sets are perfect for play and convenient to carry in the Mini Backpack!

3. Stamps

Stamp-ify your life! The next item to put inside your Mini Backpack is our Stamp Set. These come in handy when adding decorative detail to your notebooks or a personal touch to your artwork. What a FUNtastic way to get creative!


4. Mini Highlighters

What was the HIGHLIGHT of your day? Carry the colors of the rainbow with you in your Mini Backpack with our Mini Highlighters! Choose between ten shades of color to brighten the best parts of your day!


5. EOS Lip Balm

Check out these EOS Lip Balms for some fruity-flavored fun! These lip balms are made with Vitamin E and shea butter, not to mention have the cutest colors to match Yoobi’s Mini Backpack Coin Purse patterns! Try matching a Pearl Shimmer Lip Balm with the Holographic Mini Backpack Coin Purse for a combination that is out of this world!