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5 Ways to Use Yoobi Hand Sanitizer

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1. Store it in your purse.

you'll be prepared for every outing!

2. Put them on display in a decorative bowl. 

leave the bowl outside on your front porch as a "thank you" to postal workers or right inside your entryway for guests to use.

3. Add them to goodie bags.

whether you're gifting your drive through grad- or birthday party guests, or passing out to your neighbors, everyone loves a goodie bag! 

4. Store in your kids’ lunch bags or backpacks.

it's never too young to start developing good habits! 

5. Keep them in your glove compartment

for that nice, clean feeling everywhere you go! 

🧼  Shop Yoobi Hand Sanitizer and tell us how you use it by leaving a comment down below! 

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