Teacher Must Haves For Class

We at Yoobi are all about figuring out how to make the lives of teachers a little bit easier. That was our mission from the very start – we wanted to give kids in need the tools they needed without putting stress on their teachers to provide for them out of their own pockets. We also have some new items geared for teachers like you! Check out our must-haves lists:

1. Chalk Markers

Nowadays, every classroom has a white board! Yoobi’s chalk markers are the perfect addition to any plain old board – spice up your lessons with Yoobi-fied pops of color and pizazz. Use them on chalkboard, blackboard, or even as window paint to give any drab surface a pop of color!

 2. Jumbo Highlighter 

The jumbo highlighter is a Yoobi signature item and a must have for highlighting important info in lesson plans or attendance sheets – but it can double as a bathroom pass or pointer for the board. Kids LOVE jumbo sized things for their tiny hands! 

3. Magnetic Fuzzy Pencil Case

Speaking of dry-erase, don’t you hate when the ledge on your white board runs out of space for all the markers you know you’ll need? Magnetic Fuzzy Pencil Case to the rescue once and for all! Store all your chalk markers in here where it will stick directly on the board – and even double as an eraser! All your whiteboard accessories wrapped up into one – what more could you ask for?

     4.  8-Color Retractable Ballpoint Pen

With a class of thirty students, you’ll never run out of fun colors for grading with our 8-color retractable ballpoint pen!

  1. Reward Stickers

All teachers seem to have a massive collection of stickers in their desk…that’s why Yoobi created these awesome reward stickers to remind kids how awesome they really are! Yoobi the toucan is here to remind kids how fun learning can be, and how rewarding it is too!

  1. Desk Organizer

Every teacher has an inbox, so why not make it fun! Get one for all your personal mail, or use it as the place for kids to turn in their homework! Either way you go, you’ll love having bright and fun colors all over the classroom.

  1. Pretzel erasers

Our favorite thing to do is use our pretzel erasers as a tool for math. What do you get when you have 6 pretzel erasers and you add 4? TENS of ways to help kids learn!

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