7 Ways to Use the Yoobi Zip Pouch Set

Summer days are just ahead, which calls for family vacations and unlimited beach trips with your BFFs. What better way to check off your summer bucket list than using our fan-favorite Be Extra 3-pack zip pouch set. They're the perfect multipurpose items that will help you stay organized to take on whatever you have planned for this summer season. As a part of our BE EXTRA collection, your summer will be sure to stand out in style!

7 Ways to use the Yoobi Zip Pouch Set

Here are 7 ways you can use the Yoobi zip pouch set this summer!

Pack Toiletries for Easy Travel

Zip pouches make the perfect travel companion. No matter if your plans are a road trip to the nearby lake or hopping on a plane, all your travel essentials are conveniently stored in one place. Pro tip: Store all your carry-on liquids in the different 3-size pouches to help pass through TSA with ease!

Pack Beach Essentials for a Beach Day

The beach is where we'll be when the weather heats up. Take extra care of your skin by making sure to pack a mini sunscreen and lip balm. Get your tan on because all your beach necessities will be protected from the sand. Plus, the super extra designs will look extra cute on your beach towel!

Organize Small Art Supplies

Organize and clean up all the miscellaneous art supplies you have lying around! Declutter your desk of all your washi tape, colored markers, and any other art supplies.

Pack Snacks for When You're On-the-Go

When you’re always on-the-go in between classes or work, sometimes food is an afterthought. Our pouches are the perfect vehicle to store all your healthy day snacks that will instantly recharge your energy. Nuts and dried fruit are great snack options to give you that extra boost of energy. 

Prepare for Emergencies

Create a stylish and cute DIY mini first aid kit. Pack the pouch with band-aids, ointment, and wipes so you’re prepared for any future emergencies. It's the perfect size to keep in your purse or car!

Organize Makeup When Out and About

Take all your beauty essentials on-the-go. Use this to maximize your organization when you need to bring all your makeup goods along with you. Separate each pouch to a designated category to make everything easier! Brushes in one, eye makeup in another, and foundation and blush in the last one. 

Store Earphones and Chargers (No More Tangly Mess!)

We get it -- traveling with earphones or charger chords tend to be a frustrating and tangly debacle. But if you coil and store them in the mini extra pouch, it can be easier to find and use!