Getting Clever with Clever Creative

Clever Creative is an award-winning creative design agency that not only helps brands shine to their fullest potential, but young imaginations, too! Yoobi partnered up with Clever to put together an exclusive workshop for these young, creative minds and you won't believe how cool the final product was!

Yoobi's mission of giving back aligned perfectly with the Clever Kids Workshop event. Children kindegarden-5th grade from John Muir Elementary were invited to attend the event with a donation-based fee in which 100% of the funds collected went directly to the School's PTA Association! When the kids were welcomed into the Clever workshop, they were pleasantly surprised to find loads of Yoobi goodies! They were encouraged to create 3-dimensional masterpieces using all of their fun products.


Once their creation was complete, it was then photographed by a Clever photographer and uploaded to the computer for manipulation on Photoshop. The kids were mesmerized by all of the cool things they were able to do with their very own artwork. The best part; not only was it fun and creative, but educational, too! (Shhh, don't tell them that part though.) 


After some fun photo manipulation, each digitally enhanced image was then printed out for the kids to take home. The best part; each image will soon be turned into stickers that will be delivered directly to their homes a few weeks later! They will then be able to add their personally-crated stickers to their Yoobi binders and composition books.  

Everyone was super excited to be a part of such an awesome event. The mission was to have kids feeling proud and accomplished of their work; seeing a vision come to life from start to finish. The activity was to simulate both left- and right-brained. Strategic and inventive. Clever and creative!