Top 10 Yoobi Holiday Gifts

1. Aqua Duffle Bag: $29.99

For the work-out fean, this is the perfect travel bag to get you to and from your daily workout classes! (You might also like our matching water bottle found here).

2. Over Ear Headphones: $19.99
Whether your studying for a test or sweating it out during a tough workout you’ll need music to inspire you – plus they’ve got a built-in microphone in case you need to pick up a holiday call!

3. Letter Tray Desk Set: $19.99
New Year, New You. It’s time to get organized, and this colorful letter tray is the perfect way to clear the clutter in your home or office!

4. Sticky Note Dispenser: $4.99
Never will we ever leave our sticky note dispenser out of any recommendation – this little guy helps you stick important reminders wherever you’ll see them most!

5. Printed Notebook, 3 Pack: $7.99
Journal? To-do lists? Inspiration log? Start all three with this adorable three pack of notebooks!

6. Mini Supply Kits: $4.99
Keep it in your purse, backpack, or desk drawer for everything you need for any school or office emergency!

7. Double Ended Mini Highlighters, 9 Pack: $6.99
Highlighters are a must – so we made them mini and candy shaped for extra flair and fun.

8. Washable Stamp Brush Paint Set with Stencils: $19.99
Why fuss with brushes, paint pots, mess, and migraines? Everything you need for a beautiful masterpiece wrapped up in one set!

9. Twister Crayons: $7.99
You’ll never need to fuss with peeling off those pesky crayon wrappers ever again with our incredible twister crayons!

10. Magnetic Fuzzy Pencil Case: $5.99
Hold all of your favorite lip-glosses, gel pens and trinkets with this fuzzy number. A special added touch - it has magnets to make it super accessible if you place it on your locker or fridge!