Meet the Teacher: Ms. Emily Collins

Roll Call!

Meet Ms. Emily Collins, teacher at West Orange Cove Elementary in Orange, TX 

We asked Emily...

What grade do you teach?

I teach 2nd grade math, science and social studies.

How long have you been teaching?

This is my first year teaching. It has been the most challenging, but most rewarding experience of my life.

What inspired you to pursue a career in education?

I have always loved kids. I am mesmerized by the way they think, the things they say and how they act. For Christmas when I was about 6 I asked for an easel to play school at home, so being a teacher has always been what I wanted.

Who was the most influential teacher or administrator in your life, and why?

My 5th grade teacher pushed me really hard. She was my first teacher to give me a B. That completely rocked my world. She wasn’t afraid to tell me I was being complacent, and I could be so much more than I was. I was only a kid, but it stuck with me forever.

Does having access to school supplies really make a difference in the classrooms at your school, and to kids? If so, how? 

It absolutely makes a huge difference! It helps to be able to get anything in the classroom done. We do a lot in interactive notebooks, so for each student to be successful everyone needs notebooks, scissors, crayons and glue. When we are talking 40 kids, it’s a lot of stuff.

What do your students think about the One for You, One for Me idea? 

They love it. I try to instill to them how important it is to give back. This is such a tangible and real product that truly makes a difference in their lives, so it really gives a concrete experience for them to tap into.

How will you use this idea/ lesson in your classroom?

I will continue to use it to teach the importance of giving back and truly being part of a community. It’s so important for them to see that their life isn’t just what they experience every day, but there is a whole world around them that they are lucky enough to be in.