Our Give at Laurel Elementary

This month, we took a Give trip over to Laurel Elementary School in Compton, California. The students, faculty and staff at Laurel Elementary welcomed us with open arms! We were blown away by their hospitality, not to mention these students were some of the most polite kids we’ve met!

We started the day with an outdoor assembly that was sure to wake up all the neighbors! “We came here today looking for two things…” said our chief Giving officer, Justin, “…incredible teachers, and amazing students!” And so we found just that. The students’ enthusiasm was out of this world, and their cheer’s rang throughout the playground, school campus, and surrounding blocks when we announced the donation of Yoobi Classroom Packs.

Following the assembly, we visited two classrooms, Mrs. Cervantes 2nd Grade Class and Mrs. Meza’s 1st Grade Class. The smile on student’s faces as we opened Classroom Packs lit up the room, and the reaction of teachers was equally infectious. To hear the impact that these new supplies had both on the students and teachers warmed our hearts. Students eagerly volunteered to help pass out the new supplies to their classmates. Some opened their new crayons to color and create, while some saved them to share with their siblings at home.

We want to make sure that we are able to provide these children with the tools they need to do their work both at school and at home. Today, we were able to provide vibrant, colorful supplies to these children and learning just became a little more fun. “Today is a great day to Give.”