Hermosa Moms visit Yoobi HQ

We at Yoobi HQ jump at opportunities to bring something new into the office. We’re dog friendly, fish friendly, and ESPECIALLY kid friendly…that’s why we were so excited to host the Hermosa Chapter of the Moms Offering Moms Support (MOMS) event at Yoobi HQ this past month!

Yoobi HQ invited a group of moms and their kids for an awesome afternoon of coloring, arts & crafts, and shopping. As it was just before Valentine’s Day, we provided some “love-ly” coloring sheets in addition to the classic Yoobi Hat Activity. We transformed our patio wall into a giant art board so the kiddos could color on our patio wall, and provided snacks for kids and big-kid snacks for moms.

Not only was this event an exciting arts & crafts experience for our guests, but moms and kids alike got to shop our in-office pop-up shop! The kids went home with fun new Yoobi supplies to use over and over. And, let’s not forget the give! For every Yoobi item purchased, no matter WHERE you purchase from – whether it’s Target, yoobi.com, Yoobi Retail or right here at headquarters, we donate an item to a child in need right here in the U.S. It’s THAT simple!

Yoobi loves partnering with groups in our community! If you think your group would like to partner with Yoobi for an awesome event like this one, email events@yoobi.com.