The Best Way to Decorate Easter Eggs This Season!

Instead of going for the standardized Easter egg coloring kits this year, try out a new tactic using Yoobi supplies! Who would have thought there were so many different ways to color easter eggs? Get inspired by these awesome designs below and shop the products of all of your faves!

1. Yoobi Watercolor Set and Yoobi Tattoos (How cool? they work on eggs!)

2. Glitter Shakers, 12 Pack

3. Glitter Shakers, 12 Pack and our Character Stickers

4. Yoobi Pink, Green, Aqua, and Blue Tissue Paper!

5. Neon Tempera Paint, Washable Markers, and Glitter Shakers

6. Star Shape Glitter (Also available in Hearts, Party Hats, and Flowers!)

7. Glitter Shakers, Character Stickers, and Paint Kit

Our Artsy & Crafty Glitter Bundle is bound to do the trick too, offering tons of great craft supplies, perfect for Easter Eggs! 


These donut-inspired eggs were made using our Watercolor pain kit, and glitter shakers!

Share your awesome designs with @yoobi on instagram and use the hashtag #howiyoobi for a chance to be featured!

Happy Crafting!