Back to School Party with Wengie and Yoobi BFFs!

Yoobi threw the biggest back-to-school party to date in sunny Los Angeles this month! Over 150 guests gathered to celebrate our magical new collections and the success of the Wengie x Yoobi box collaboration. With appearances from our favorite influencers like Wengie, Tori Spelling, and Rebecca Zamolo, we couldn’t have imagined a more special way to bring our Yoobi BFFs and Wengiecorns together.

Want to experience the entire party? Check out our video!


From the moment each guest arrived, the #yoobiMAGIC was in the air. Each room of the house had its own theme and Yoobi BFFs were encouraged to explore all of our immersive experiences. Our friends at Wild Child Party decked the entire house with different balloon installations to bring it all to life!

Each guest received a gorgeous Yoobi holographic tote bag, and the kiddos each got a cute smiley face or flamingo lunch bag!


Our guests were making waves in the Mermaid Room from all the fun they were having upstairs! Everyone took home Yoobi's mer-mazing mermaid tail pencil case loaded with NYX Cosmetics shimmering lipstick and eyeshadow, and handheld mirrors from Impressions Vanity! At the center of the room was our clam throne for guests to sit and take a photo!

Back to School Party 2018 with Wengie - Yoobi Back to School 2018 Party with Wengie - YoobiBack to School Party 2018 - Yoobi 

DJ @tiffmcfierce and @tiny.bangs hangin' out in the Mermaid Room.  


Our Unicorn Room honored our party co-host, Wengie! The room sparkled with silver, purple, and blue hues inspired by the Wengie x Yoobi box! 

A popular and highly favorited room, guests spent time creating their own DIY unicorn spa jars to take home! These adorable jars were filled with jelly eyemasks, Tubby Todd  Bath Bombs, and candy unicorn horns. 

Back to school party 2018 - YoobiBack to School party 2018 with Wengie - Yoobi

Of course, no one could help to pass the room without taking photos in front of the magical balloons and in front of the Wengie x Yoobi boxes with Wengie!

Back to School 2018 - Yoobi Wengie x Yoobi back to school party - Yoobi

@cassiediamonddd, and Erin Ziering + daughters with Wengie

back to school party with Wengie - Yoobi


Our pink glitter room was so much fun! DJ Tiff McFierce curated so many amazing tunes that got everyone on their feet dancing! With a dance party forming in the living room, guests worked up an appetite for our small bites and sweet treats! 

Back to School party 2018 with Wengie - Yoobi

Back to School party with Wengie - Yoobi back to school party with Skylar Stecker and California Donuts - Yoobi

Yoobi BFF, Skyler Stecker, grabs a treat from our Donut Bar full of sweets from California Donuts 



The sweet treats didn’t stop there! Guests had fun creating their own flavor of cotton candy from Twisted Cotton Candy and adding their choice of toppings like glitter and sprinkles! 

Back to School Party with Wengie - Yoobi 

Around the corner, partygoers took their “prick” of succulents at our DIY cactus installation, and had the chance to decorate their choice with colored stones and shells! Everyone loved taking home a truly unique little plant! Our friends at One Hope Wine provided our guests with pink pomegranate sparkling wine. Cheers to wine that sparkles AND makes an impact!

One Hope Wine - Yoobi  Back to School party - Yoobi

Our back to school celebration wouldn't be complete without celebrating our collaboration with Wengie! Guests mingled and took photos, and the two lucky Wengie x Yoobi contest winners spent quality time with Wengie! They even brought drawings and gifts for their magical idol! Such a special moment. 

Wengie x Yoobi Back to school party - Yoobi

Wengie x Yoobi  Back to school party - Yoobi

Wengie and @Alyssa_deBoisblanc

Wengie and Tori Spelling's family

Wengie with Tori Spelling's wonderful kiddos!


Back to school party - Yoobi

Our new back to school collection is magical, but what's even better is celebrating our give back mission. Every Yoobi item purchased donates one essential school supply item to a classroom in need. Each guest had the opportunity to send a Yoobi Classroom Pack to any state of their choice on behalf of themselves. 


Natalie's Outlet - Yoobi

Yaaas! Natalie’s Outlet donates a Yoobi Classroom Pack to kids in need!

 Wengie x Yoobi

GREAT NEWS! The Wengie x Yoobi Box is officially SOLD OUT. Through the success of our incredible partnership with Wengie, you have helped Yoobi donate 25,000 school supplies to kiddos in need!