Brand Ambassador @learningwithmisslee

Since the launch of our Yoobi Brand Ambassador program in March 2020 we have grown to a total of 130 of you and we couldn’t be happier, it’s been such a fun experience to work with you all! To show our appreciation, starting this March we will be highlighting our brand ambassadors with short interviews that spotlight the hard work and dedication that goes on behind the scenes of their everyday lives!

Our first Yoobi brand Ambassador apart of this series is Karina Lee. Karina is a first year, 5th grade teacher in Wisconsin with her own YouTube channel where she posts lifestyle and teaching vlogs! 

  1. What is one classroom item you cannot live without? One classroom item that I can’t live without is my planner 😅. My whole day is laid

    out from our morning meeting games to what’s going on after school. It’s literally my bible.

  2. What does your daily routine look like? How has it changed? I’ve recently started waking up at 5:30am so I can make it into the gym before school starts. After a workout and a shower, I head to school. When I get there, I make the daily slides for the day and prep my classroom for our day-to-day activities. I got into the habit of staying at work late and coming in early right at the beginning of the school year and it really took a toll on my mental health so leaving work in the classroom has been a huge help for me.

  3. What learning activity do your students love the most? My kids are big on games and brain breaks. They love Kahoot so any chance I get to make one, I do. I also have a class full of future actors and actresses, so I incorporate drama both into my teaching and into activities.

  4. If you could choose 3 words to describe your teaching experience, what would they be? I’d say unlike any other.

  5. What is your favorite thing about being a teacher? My favorite thing about being a teacher is my relationship with my students. They’re such genuine kids and they’re hilarious!! I’m lucky enough to have 5th graders so we have a lot of good conversation and everyone works so hard. They’re my favorite people to be around. 

    The story that I wanted to tell with the pictures is about working between home and in the classroom.

    I am using my post it notes to plan while I’m at home and prepare for what I need to grab in my classroom


    I put the keychain on my lanyard! 


    I’m using the file holder to transport read alouds from school to home - and then I included the book I’ll be reading.