Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Day with Yoobi and #HugATeacher

It's officially Teacher Appreciation Week (TAW), and because teachers are so awesome, we want you to help us celebrate them. Read below to learn how you can get involved with Yoobi for TAW through #HugATeacher.

As you all know, teachers are our heroes. They do so much for their kids and classrooms, often times for so little recognition. Yoobi has been working tirelessly to change that dynamic, and TAW is our favorite time of the year to plot fun ways to make teachers feel special. 

Throughout the year, when we go on our Gives, we show up at the school with Yoobi Classroom Packs for every classroom. After we kick-off the morning with a fun school assembly, we go into the classrooms to spend a little extra time with the kids, to get to know them better and to do some fun art projects with them. But the fun doesn’t stop there. 

Inside every Yoobi Classroom Pack is a letter written to the teacher, thanking them for all they do. We like to read that letter to the teachers we visit IN FRONT of their students, making sure the kids hear our words of praise for their teacher. This is almost always followed up by a spontaneous classroom-sized hug as the kids will almost always come running up to the teacher, after hearing the thank you letter, and give that teacher a massive collective hug. That’s pretty much the time when everyone on the Yoobi team starts crying tears of joy. It’s literally our favorite moment and makes so much hard work all the more worth it. 

Soooo…for Teacher Appreciation this year, we’re teaming up with Megan Forbes to start a chain reaction of celebrating teachers with hugs through the campaign #HugATeacher. The Yoobi Give Squad will be visiting the Children of Promise School in Inglewood, CA and doing a surprise visit to all the K-2nd-grade classrooms. We’re going to be reading our thank you letter to the teachers and initiating group hugs to let the teachers know how much they are appreciated and loved.


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🤗HUG A TEACHER🤗 Meet some of people I appreciate most during #TeacherAppreciationWeek! 1️⃣ The cutest PE teacher around! 2️⃣ My favorite history coworker/ room makeover partner! (@ historyfrog on Twitter) 3️⃣ My favorite math teacher and lunch buddy @missjmaths 4️⃣ My 24/7 tech support and friendsie @the_whimsical_teacher 5️⃣ Classroom organization queen and scary slide enabler @mrscallscampers 6️⃣ Inspirational speaker and author who can stand on a table in heels @kimbearden 7️⃣ Queen of IG stories (and you know, literacy!) @hellojenjones . Snap a photo hugging a teacher YOU appreciate this week and tell us why! Post the photo to Instagram, use #hugateacher and tag @yoobi ✏️ and for every post shared, @yoobi will donate an additional school supply to a classroom in need! Also, for all my teachers out there, check out they’re free teacher resources on their blog—even printables and activities!

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But we’re not stopping there. We want you to be a part of this campaign. We want to encourage you to celebrate your amazing teachers or teacher friends with a hug (virtual or in real life!). For every pic posted of a teacher you know or you hugging a teacher to celebrate them, with #hugateacher and @yoobi - we'll donate 1 school supply item to a classroom in need, right here in the U.S.


Will you help us celebrate teachers? They definitely deserve it.

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*Teacher photos posted with #HugaTeacher and @yoobi between 5/6 – 5/31/2019 equal one Yoobi school supply donated to a child in need in the U.S.