Chalk For Grown-Ups: Top 3 Ways To Use Chalk At Any Age

Remember when you were just a little tot and going outside with the other neighborhood kids to color in the entire cul-de-sac was pretty much the coolest thing you could do on a summer day? Chalk isn’t just for kids anymore guys! Check out the top 3 ways you can use Yoobi Chalk to color your world this spring, even if you’re over 10 years old!

You’re in High School…

  1. Color in your BFF’s parking spot at school on their birthday – if you give them love even before the school day starts, you are pretty much guaranteed a shout out on their Snapchat or Insta!
  2. Ask your crush to prom with chalk on the biggest surface area you can find at school! We can’t guarantee your principal won’t be mad…but Yoobi Chalk is totally washable!

  1. Host a #ThrowbackThursday at your place and play four square with your friends. You will all have the best time crowning someone the raining champ all these years after the last time you played!

You’re over 20 years old…

  1. Decorate the sidewalk in front of your house to direct your friends inside for your day party (or use glow in the dark chalk for a nighttime party!)
  2. Color in your co-workers’ parking spots on their work anniversaries – no better way to start the day than a colorful work greeting!
  3. Give your front stairs some love – whether you’re sending your neighbors some love or just creating a RAINBOW.


You own a business…

  1. Steer business straight to your door – decorate the sidewalk outside your storefront directing people into your store. Most people are texting and walking anyway…it’s right in their line of sight!

  1. Get a chalkboard inside or outside your store. You can update it as often as you’d like with promotions, “Customer of the Week” or even fun quotes!
  2. Have customers with kids? Paint a small portion of your store’s wall with chalk paint and have a “kids zone” where they can color and create while parents shop till they drop!