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Coming Soon: Yoobi Chalk!

Posted by Yoobi Social on

After all this rain and snow, we’re officially itching for the springtime. Warmer weather brings blooming plants all around us, and when plants start coloring the world, we LOVE to follow suit. Check out this sneak peek of YOOBI CHALK coming to and Target stores nationwide this March!

From your standard boxes of sidewalk chalk to never-before-seen handy chalk holders and fun sidewalk stencils, you'll no longer be limited to paper to express your creativity – take it to the streets with Yoobi chalk!

Here's a little sneak peak!


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  • Hi Jamie! We can help with that!! The way the glow-in-the-dark chalk works is to “charge it” with light! Draw your designs, shine it with a flashlight, and BAM! Glow-in-the-dark!

    Yoobi on

  • The glow in the dark chalk does not work we tryed it everywhere and the only way was with a black light ?

    Jamie on

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