Discover Sawyer And How They Are Empowering Early Childhood Education Providers

In 2015, Stephanie Choi and Marissa Alden founded Sawyer, a marketplace for children’s classes -perfect for the millennial parent, someone who is used technology powering their entire lives. The idea is to give parents the opportunity to discover hundreds of semester classes or camps nearby and book them in just a couple of clicks, right from the phone or computer. No more managing paper checks, or calling on the phone. Sawyer wants to make the parent experience as easy and smooth as possible, while also providing a platform for local businesses to promote their children’s educational opportunities. 

Today, Sawyer is working with over 300 education providers across NYC and LA, growing every week. From after school programs to camps, from music to language classes,  Sawyer is the one stop shop for parents and education!

Ultimately, Sawyer’s mission is to ensure our children are prepared for the future. Sawyer is accomplishing this by facilitating education outside of the traditional classroom, so that children’s creativity, cognitive and social skill development is stimulated and supported.

Building a marketplace where parents can discover the right educational opportunities for their children will help impact families across the country. Additionally, Sawyer works directly with small business who run these classes helping them to better manage their businesses and grow their client base.

Benefits of early childhood education and access to great learning environments are multifaceted and Sawyer seeks to amplify the rate in which educators can reach students.

Discover some of the Sawyer NYC and LA providers here: 

New York City


Treasure Trunk


Los Angeles

Kid Spot


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