DIY Friendship Bracelets for National Best Friend Day

Show your besties how much you love them by making them friendship bracelets you all can cherish forever. After all, you can have more than one best friend!




What you’ll need:

  • Yoobi Bracelet DIY Kit
  • Markers and paper


Step 1: Start by picking out the beads you want to add to your bracelet. The more shapes and colors the better!

Step 2: Using the clear string, add your beads in whatever patterns you would like.

Step 3: When all of the beads are on, carefully tie a double knot to secure your bracelet.

Step 4: Once you have all of your bracelets, take your paper and write notes to each of your friends. Make sure to add why you love them and how they make your life better!

Step 5: Send to 10 of your besties to create a community of friends for life!