DIY Instagram Wall – Chalk-It Up For The ‘Gram

Are you and your besties sick of taking pictures against plain white walls? DIY your own Instagram wall with Yoobi’s brand new chalk tools!

Fun chalk tools - Yoobi

We created a rainbow-tastic mural with our Jumbo Chalk Paint Roller, which is such a great tool for covering large spaces. With a little bit of water and awesome teamwork, you too can create a bright impact!

Creative chalk tools for kids - Yoobi

  1. Lay out blue painter’s tape to create clean lines and divvy up the space designated for the picture spot. Make sure to leave the tape in place until you’re all done!
  2. Next, mix the paint powder with the recommended amount of water, per the instructions.
  3. Now it’s time to color-block! Using the tray, saturate your roller with the mixed chalk paint. Once your roller is ready to go, start rolling it out. In between color changes, rinse off the tray and roller to begin again. Roll and repeat! 

Creative sidewalk chalk mural - Yoobi

When your project is ready, go ahead and snap all the pics! Make sure to tag @yoobi so we can see (and like) what you come up with!