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DIY Pumpkin Apple Stamps

Posted by Yoobi Social on

No tricks here! This month we are all about the treats but not just candy. We have the most festive and cutest DIY activity that everyone will love. Our DIY Pumpkin Apple Stamps is the perfect way to kick-off the holiday season. It’s a quick and easy way to make use of anything you have laying around the house or classroom. Now, let’s get spooky!

Here are four steps to get everyone in the spirit of this spook-tacular month!

What You’ll Need:

  1. Materials

Gather all materials needed.

  1. Paint

Take one half of the apple and paint the cut-side until fully covered. Apply 2 or more layers of paint, if needed.

  1. Hold

Firmly press the cut-side of the apple down onto the paper, applying even pressure all over. Carefully, remove and lift the apple from the paper.

  1. Color and decorate!

Let the paint completely dry. Use the marker to add eyes and a mouth or any other features to your pumpkin stamp! Optional: Decorate your stamp with any glitter, pom poms, or stickers!

For Even More Fun

Make a DIY holiday card! Fold any piece of paper in half and follow the steps above. A quick and unique DIY card for any occasion.

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